Control Ringers and Alerts in Apple’s iPhone

Controlling rings in iPhone is quite easy. If you want to turn off its ringer use silent mode, what you need to do is simply flip a switch that is located on top left hand side of the device. You will see it above the volume control buttons and is called iPhone ringer.

When you flip it downwards it will put iPhone into silent mode and flipping upward will increase its volume. On iPhone screen, you will see a bar to confirm that ringer is off.

Another way is tap your finger on iPhone “Settings” and then select “Sounds”. Now you can change setting from buttons ON or OFF and set slider bar to adjust ringer and alert sounds.

iPhone ringer options

  • Silent: This controls whether you want the phone to vibrate in silent mode or not.
  • Ringer and alerts: it allows you to control ringtones volume.
  • Vibrate: It controls whether you allow phone to vibrate when calls come.
  • Ringtone: It assigns the default ringtone for iPhone. By customizing this option, you can also assign individual ringtones to all contacts.
  • TextTone: It sets the ring tone for your text message that you receive. You can override its default setting to give individual tones to contacts.
  • Other Sliders: It controls whether the tone ring on any event happen or not.

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