Check Out This Incredible Sky Garden Design!

Seoul, Korea could be set to have an incredible eco-structure. Designed by the Aprilli Design Studio is a giant urban farm skyscraper that should serve as a local food production site and public park at some areas. The urban skyfarm is expected to have a measurement of 160m high and a total area of 144,000 square meters.

urban skyfarm 1

Designers stated, “The Urban Skyfarm is a vertical farm design proposal for a site located in downtown Seoul by the Aprilli Design Studio which mainly hosts local food production and distribution while at the same time contributes to the improvement of local environmental quality through water, air filtration and renewable energy production.”

“By lifting the main food production field high up in the air, the vegetation gains more exposure toward the sunlight and fresh air while the ground level becomes more freed up with nicely shaded open spaces which could be enjoyed by the public.”, they continued.

urban skyfarm 20

The design takes the shape of a huge tree where the characteristics include the root, trunk, branches and leaves, and each have their own special attributes suitable and required for farming conditions. The upper portions available will therefore feature open to air farming decks for medium based hydroponic vegetation that may need more sunlight and exposure to air, while the lower portions which will be enclosed by the structural skin and will provide an environment for the more indoor suitable products with the use of artificial lighting for sunlight.

The electricity needed for heating, and the artificial and night time lighting would be sourced from photovoltaic panels that will be placed on the top of the structure.

urban skyfarm 3

The nearby residents will be provided with fresh fruits and vegetables from the structure that should be built in Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

“The Urban Skyfarm proposes to create an agricultural hub for the local community which hosts social, environmental and economical activities to enhance trade, improve the environment and benefit the local market and community.”, commented the designers.

After winning a major design award, there are hopes to soon construct the Urban Skyfarm which will bring balance and prosperity to the urban community with its mini-ecosystem.

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