Check Out These 10 Sculptures That Were Carved Out Of Books!

An artist named Guy Laramee was able to create realistic scenes out of books. By carving the pages, Laramee transforms the books into 3D versions of stories as he creates sculptures with them. He painstakingly sits for hours upon hours to get the job done, and the results are astonishing as they are very detailed.

Check out these 10 sculptures that were carved from books by Guy Laramee below.


1. The Rocky Pinhole

rocky pinhole

I know many people would agree when I say that this particular sculpture looks like a portal to another world. This comes from his “The Cave” project.


2. A Wooden Walkway

wooden walkway

Coming from his “The Great Wall” series, this beautiful sculpture features a wooden walkway amidst a canyon.


3. A Hidden Dwelling

hidden dwelling

With a hole carved at the top and a house surrounded by rocky walls, this sculpture that comes from his “Biblios” project looks like a hidden cave arena.


4. Grand Canyon

grand canyon

Another canyon piece, the book was carefully carved to look just like the Grand Canyon when when water has continued to run over its rocks for thousands of years. This piece is also a part of the “Biblos” project.


5. Through The Gap

through the gap

There is no doubt that this sculpture which is taken from the “The Cave” series took Laramee many hours as its incredible details goes as elaborate to the ‘e’.


6. Dragon Over the Clouds

dragon over the clouds

With the glowing cloud pattern below, it is obvious that this cliff goes beyond the clouds with much cliffs and greenery.


7. Geographie Universelle

geographie universelle

A brilliant piece that would bring out the beauty of nature, this sculpture of a sun cast canyon was taken from the “Adieu” project.


8. The Cavern

the cavern

What was once a book entitled “Solubility” is now an amazing cavern sculpture that captures even more adoration with perfect lighting. The Cavern is apart of Laramee’s “The Cave” collection.


9. Petras


Inspired by the Lost City of Petras which was established possibly as early as 312 BCE, the sculpture’s high rise walls was accomplished using seven thick books. This was taken from the “Biblos” collection.


10.Great Wave

great wave

Imagine if books like the famous ‘Moby Dick’ were created looking this way… Who would turn down reading a book that already looks this adventurous? This piece comes from the ‘Guan Yin’ collection.

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