BattleStar Galactica Simulator Built By A Group Of Teenagers

This is exemplary, a bunch of smart genius students from school level build a Battlestar Galactica Viper flight simulator. Its really amazing so see that these little chaps are soo talented. In an interview with them, they told that they have been trying to build this simulator for quite some time. With all hope and spirits they started with a very small model then built another, after that they designed a simulator in CAD software. When they got all the things set on a right plan, they started building it on their own and with all their great efforts they built the structure which could rotate 360 degrees with a considerable high speed.

On introducing the interior of this simulator they told that they used joysticks, there will be three screen displays, a total viper interior and in short it will be a worthy thing to jump in. Watch the video and tell us how do you liked their innovation!

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