Top 10 Aircraft From The Future

In the era that we live today, technology seems to get outdated in the blink of an eye. Only a few centuries ago, flying in an airplane was a dream and today we literally have robots in space! It is not unrealistic to think of flying saucers in the near future. Although the designers of

A Concept For Future Aircraft

Shabtai Hirshberg is an innovator who has done a great work in making up a design and subsequently writing a thesis over future commercial aircraft. He has intelligently considered the design, comfort, fuel saving and greener environment for the future aircraft concept. According to current predictions we will be having a 100% increase in flights

BattleStar Galactica Simulator Built By A Group Of Teenagers

This is exemplary, a bunch of smart genius students from school level build a Battlestar Galactica Viper flight simulator. Its really amazing so see that these little chaps are soo talented. In an interview with them, they told that they have been trying to build this simulator for quite some time. With all hope and spirits they started

Top Ten Fastest Aircrafts

10. F-14D Super Tomcat– Mach 2.34 The F-14D Tomcat was designed by Grumman, having capability to reach the speeds at mach 2.34. The said aircraft was built to kill, in any kind of atmosphere even at night. The plane was a killing machine can lock on and destroy 6 targets at a time. It can

Top 10 Biggest Naval Ships

The ocean is home to some amazing moving bodies of which some stretch almost half-a-kilometer and sketch a daunting figure in the horizon. Today, we present to you the list of the biggest naval ships ever built. Rather unsurprisingly, most of the ships in the list belong to the US Navy. No 10. Shinano –

Top 10 Missiles

Firing bombs at your enemies while sitting in your hideout is the new mode of war and missile is a personification of this very idea. Carrying from satellites to nuclear warheads, we have today rounded up the top 10 missile technologies in history. No 10. Congreve Developed by the British Royal Arsenal, the Congreve rocket was

10 Largest Air Battles in History

It all started in 202 BC when kites were used in China to inoculate fear into the minds of the opposition. Since then, there is no looking back; air combat has grown ever more fearsome and glorious that marks your authority in the battle like no other thing. Today, we take a look 10 most

Top 10 Weapons Manufacturers

With over 1 trillion dollars spent on military programs worldwide every year, weapon manufacturing business is not for the light-hearted. In 2008 alone, 100 biggest arms dealers had sales of 385 billion dollars, which is three times the size of the total development aid of OECD countries. To put things in an even better perspective,