Best Concealed Carry Guns for Multiple Layers

Conceal Carry Gun going into a bag

Improve Your Winter Concealed Carry Experience

When springtime rolls around, you never know when you’ll need your rain jacket or a light layer. With these layers, it can be difficult to properly hide your concealed carry. Read about the best concealed carry guns for the multiple layers. Feel prepared if you have to clear your clothes and draw your firearm.

Sig Sauer P229

The Sig Sauer P229 is like the P226. Despite their many similarities, the Sig Sauer has a shorter barrel. The P229’s barrel measures 3.9 inches, while the 226 measures 4.4 inches. Despite the barrel difference, they measure the same in width and height.

The reduction in barrel length means this firearm can fit well within your layered clothes. You can expect reliability, accuracy, and a double/single-action trigger system from this gun. However, because of its durability and small size, it’s on the pricier end of the market. Keep in mind that a Sig Sauer purchase would be an investment and well worth it if you have the money.

Glock 19

The Glock 19 is the best of both worlds. Even though it is a service pistol, it’s compact and light for just about anyone to carry. Although it’s not as small as a Sig Sauer, its smaller stature makes it a great option for layered clothing. Unlike other firearms that you can carry around the waist, it’s best to carry Glocks in a belt holster or pocket.

However, keep in mind that other calibers, such as a 23 and 38, will be larger than the 19. Therefore, those varieties of the Glock may not be the best choice for your springtime concealed carry.

A Glock is significantly cheaper than a Sig Sauer as well. This firearm is a happy medium when you are in search of a type of concealed carry holster.


The CZ-75 is an excellent value for the money. In addition, these pistols are easy to shoot due to steel-frames, tight lockups, and a low bore axis design. Although the CZ-75 is a tad larger than a Glock, they are cost-effective and compare well with them.

If you have large enough layers to hide a CZ, this may be a great option for you. If you are prone to annoyance over bulk, you may want to reconsider this firearm. While the size may be large for the springtime season, the extreme dependability of this firearm is outstanding. Prioritize your wants and needs in a concealed carry gun for the spring season. If bulk isn’t an issue for you, the CZ-75 is a great choice.

Spring and summer usually bring the use of the latest sniper rifles to most gun ranges, so it’s a great time to purchase a new firearm. Whether you are a first-time buyer or want something new, consider the best concealed carry guns for the multiple layers. Be prepared for the change in season and feel comfortable carrying your firearm.

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