Be Prepared For A Tsunami With This Hardcore Pod-Like Shelter

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As many of us watched in horror as tens of thousands of people died in tsunamis that have occurred in 2004 and 2011, two Seattle aerospace designers were compelled to find a way to protect people when these devastating natural disasters take place by designing a special shelter. Aerospace engineers Julian Sharpe and Scott Hill have actively developed their Survive Capsules, a range of pod-like disaster shelters for between two and ten people, since 2011. Though evacuation is the best plan in such an emergency as a tsunami, the pair noted that the capsules are particularly intended for the very young, the elderly and the infirm who will find it hard to keep up with escaping the water.

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The Survival Capsules, primarily to be placed in schools, public buildings, and private dwellings, are designed as a last-resort measure in places where occupants may be at most risk of not being able to escape a natural disaster. Just in case the capsule ends up in danger of being trapped underwater, it can be tethered to a location via a cable and it is able to float free. The capsules are supplied with one-hour oxygen supply that can get occupants through periods of total submersion and storage space for hiving away up to five days of water and supplies.

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While the Survival Capsule is not the only of its kind, it is most notable from its competitors as it is made of aircraft-grade aluminium casing.

“The capsule is similar to an aircraft—it has to maintain its structural integrity … You can’t afford failure,” Sharpe said.

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Whereas more common fiberglass designs can be fractured or penetrated by sharp objects coming towards it at a high speed, the metal of their design is able to absorb or deflect water-borne objects travelling at up to 75mph. In addition to this, the capsule is fireproof as its casing will not warp, melt or off-gas like other materials like plastics and fiberglass. The interior is also lined with a ceramic thermal blanket that prevents the occupants from overheating inside the unit if there happens to be an external fire.

The capsules are available for pre-order with prices starting at $10,000 for the two person model.

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