Balance diet app in your iPhone to help you in reducing weight

Want to lose your weight to some pounds? Oh! Why you are sad if you have Apple iPhone in your hand. There are many weight loss applications for iPhone and surprisingly most of them are totally free. These apps can tell you that what amount of weight you need to lose, how many calories are present in foods and many other in order to guide you for your health.

Below are two apps that you can download and take diet related help from them. Check them all!

Calorie counter

This app is of great use that provides nutrition information of foods more than 100,000. It also gives you a list of low calorie recipes in library. You can navigate to recipe file by food group, course or by dietary elements. Moreover, you can see benefits and other information of your favorite exercises.

BMI Calculator

This wonderful balanced diet app provides Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator and tells you the quantity of fats present in to your body by relating your height with your weight. It will show your weight and then determine that you are normal, underweight, overweight or obese. You just need to enter your weight and height in app and all result will be displayed after calculation.

Other diet apps in iPhone are 2Fat, lost it and Absolute fitness. Check them also!

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