App Photo Editor: Adobe Photoshop Express

Finally Apple has released latest mobile operating system iOS 5 for your iPhone. If you have upgraded to iOS 5 then you also have photo editing tool. Apple always try to make things easy, so what you get in photo editor is crop, rotate, fix red eye and auto enhance. Selection is very few so Apple Stores adds photo editing applications to give you more choices and one of them is Adobe Photoshop Express that is free and universal.  Here are guide how to use it. Let’s see!

  • To get start, select picture from your camera and you will see two choices: click on arrow to share selected picture over FaceBook or Twitter and second is tap on pencil symbol to start editing of selected picture.
  • You will see four separate buttons on screen top and four at the bottom. Crop button allows you rotate, flip or straighten the pictures. From next button, you can change the color saturation. You will see option to adjust the contrast or make it black & White. Horizontal color bar will appear on screen top from where you can set the contrast.
  • It also contains seven color filters to make four copies of one photo and gives different tints to them.
  • You can choose borders to apply frames or contact sheet to give style of picture edges.

Save picture in new look and share on FaceBook

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