5 of the Coolest & Hottest Things You Might Never Thought Existed

1. The coolest addictive drug… Wait, addictive?

addictive drug

We all know how harmful drugs can be. They destroyed the lives of many individuals and continue to do so. Most of the affected either end up in mental institutions, in prisons, or six feet below the ground. Addictive drugs are so fatal that those who are caught selling or using drugs are frequently sentenced to lifetime in prison. In some countries, even execution is dealt as a penalty. Meth, marijuana, ecstacy, you name it! But there is actually one that is considered to be a compulsive addictive drug (you can’t buy over the counter). It is known to be the best pain reliever in the world – it is called Morphine.

If you use Morphine in the wrong way, you can end up in jail. But if your life leads the wrong path, like obtaining a severe and painful injury, then morphine will become your best friend. Morphine just as a pain reliever is not what makes it cool, but being the drug of choice and the best lifesaver of a patient having Myocardial Infarction, aka “heart attack”, is what really does. Severe chest pain that radiates to the right shoulder? Difficulty breathing? Diaphoresis? Anxiety? Syncope? Here’s Morphine for you!


2. The hottest of sauces tempered when served with a common food item


We have all heard of it; sudden death, pure capsaicin, etc. etc. etc. We were all staggered, amazed, and astonished by these spices that have made our dining experiences unforgettable, but at the same time teary. Spicy foods are one of the best delicacies that exist. Although at times it betrays us by making us cry because what we were served might be too hot for us to bear. Well, the food will definitely end up being trashed and we become a bit depressed because the meal might be our favorite, yet too spicy for us to handle.

There are many ways to reduce the very spicy taste our tongue is experiencing, but most of these may not be readily available during a bursting scenario. Often times we feel that soda might relieve the intense feeling our tongue is facing, in fact, we will just end up losing our appetites because soda gives us a full feeling. Seems hopeless, but actually it is not. The cool thing is that the solution is not something we must travel miles to get, but it is something that is most times inches away from our sizzling hot plates; and that solution is BREAD. Most of us tend to have bread at our dining table, and it can be the same food used to counter the spices that we can’t bear on our tongue. Why? Bread has the capacity to absorb capsaicin; an oil that makes your food spicy. With this, we can relieve the unbearable spicy taste that we may be experiencing with the absorption of capsaicin by eating bread. Accidentally chewed on an inch long menacing hot chili made from hell? Bread of life will be at your service!


3. Mindf*cked because of some tech stuff? Check out this cool website now!






tech recipes

Have you ever found yourself bewildered by some software as the cat with the Rubik’s cube in the picture above? If so, then congratulations! You at that time were officially mindf*cked! Yeah, I know that intense negative feeling that arises when we are trying to use a specific software, but we get nowhere because we know nothing about how it works. The worst part is that even when we’ve read a thousand words worth of instructions on how to use it, we still seem to be as puzzled as we were before reading the guide.

We all know that feeling, so we turn to Google to do some more reading and researching to try to solve the things that are driving us crazy. The thing is, at times, even when we Google it, we still don’t find the answer to our techy questions. So is it the end of the world for us? No, it will never be! Well, maybe it used to be, but not anymore! Tech-Recipes is now here to the rescue. Unlike the all-rounded wikiHow, this website is designed to answer and teach us everything that is tech-related. iOS, Android, PC, and many other platform issues are covered on this website. And whatever your age is, this will give you the answers that you need. The topics or guides are all tech-related, and everything is explained like it is a nursery subject. A very good transformation of tech savvy topics into something – “You can comprehend”.


4. Anything cooler than a powerful, non-overheating, long lasting, CHEAP gaming device?

gaming device

Have you ever been in a scenario wherein you were lurking in some of the coolest shopping malls, staring at the coolest Samsung or Apple products, but all you can do is to drool over its HD graphics display and powerful gaming specs? I’ve had that feeling a couple of times, well actually, often times. $300-400 for a Samsung Tab, $400-600 for an iPhone 6, $400 for an HTC tab… Oh my, well yeah, we know it is worth it, but can we afford it? Technically, most of us can’t, but we are all dreaming to play the latest high-end games on our smartphones nowadays. We search Youtube for the best gadgets for gaming, but we end up stuck with dreaming because the prices are beyond our pockets.

Well, take a look closer and see what is hiding at the back of these gadgets by mogul companies. Xiaomi MiPad may not be so famous at the moment, but soon it will be. A very powerful gaming tab that is built solely for gaming addicts. The specs presented for gaming on this device are astonishingly high; as a matter of fact higher than the iPhone 6s Plus’ via benchmarking. And the cool part? It only costs $200-250.

Check out these specs that you can grab with your hands for as low as $200.



5. Whitening? Umm.. Not bad… Losing weight a mile a minute safely? OMG!


Obesity is a problem worldwide, well, even being chubby at times is a problem. Many women across the world dream of becoming the sexiest being ever created, and they all know that losing extra weight is a straightforward stepping stone. Well, not all are gifted with such motivation and dedication to undergo the typical hell of losing weight. A proper diet and exercising are 100% the first two villains our family doctors will suggest to us if we seek advise on losing weight. You and I know for a fact that these two ways will easily consume away not just our patience, but also our time. Yes, most of the time people refuse to practise good dieting and be persistent with their exercise routine because they know it takes time to lose weight with these approaches. Either way, we can’t deny the fact that a good diet and exercising regularly are still the best all-natural counter-attacks against obesity. So with this, we can narrow our issues down to the problem of time.

Now we come to a realization that the true enemy in losing weight is not actually the merciless activities we endure during exercises, but actually the psychological effects we sustain when we think about how much time it could take for us to see results. This is a thing that glutathione will fix for us, the most important antioxidant in our body. Glutathione is stored in our liver, and it aims to detoxify our body from all types of toxins we intake from the food we eat. The issue is that we need to “science” the whole thing out so that we can make our liver employ the glutathione it stores. It may sound difficult, but there are actually two EASY ways; first is to modify a diet plan that will focus on making our liver use its stored glutathione (ask your family doctor for the best natural way), or you can choose to take glutathione supplements as per doctor’s advice along with Sodium Ascorbate (facilitates absorption of glutathione in the GI tract). On pairing this with the diet plus exercise routine, you’ll see great results in just two months and you can choose to halt the entire ritual while still maintaining the results you’ve arrived at!

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