7 Apps You Will Definitely Need To Download For Halloween

With Halloween just a few days away, we all need to ensure that we have apps on our phones to turn to when we have run out of fun Halloween-ified options to resort to. Check out these 7 Halloween apps that are just waiting to save your day on Halloween when all else fails.


1. Halloween Countdown

halloween app 1

While Halloween day might already be very close and the countdown might not come in very useful at this point, the app features different spooky sounds for you to scare your friends, costumes, trivias and flashlight. (Available for iOS and Android)


2. Ghost Camera+

halloween app 2

We cannot forget to take some pictures on Halloween day, and to add some special Halloween effects to your photos, this app is perfect for you. You can add a ghost in the background and more, just to freak out your friends. (Available for iOS and Android)


3. Make a Zombie

halloween app 3

When simply described, this app comes as the perfect five-minute break app for Halloween day. (Available for iOS and Android)


4. A StoryBots Halloween

halloween app 4

A cool app for the younger audience, they are allowed to star in humorously haunting music videos. (Available for iOS)


5. Halloween City

halloween app 5

In need of a game to play on Halloween? This app could be one of your top options. (Available for iOS and Android)


6. House of Horrors

halloween app 6

Watch all of your favourite classic Halloween movies right from one app. Host your own Halloween movie night. (Available for iOS and Android)


7. Peekaboo Trick or Treat

halloween app 7

Another awesome game for the kids, this game app is fun to play before they go trick or treating. (Available for iOS)

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