20 Hacks Every Pet Owner Needs To Know To Face Everyday Struggles (Contd.)

Like almost everything else, owing a pet does come with a few downsides. Whether it is that they chew on your furniture of moult on your carpet we get it, they are just animals doing what they feel they need to do. Not because it happens does it mean that you have to just live with it as you and your pet can both be kept happy.

The struggles we face as pet owners range from preventing sore paws to eliminating odours, keeping a home fur-free, removing claw marks from furniture and stopping your dog from barking. Here is the continued list of 20 easy hacks you can try out to keep you and your pet happy. (The first 10 can be viewed here)

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11. DIY Chew Prevention Spray

Combine apple cider vinegar with white vinegar in a spray bottle, shake well and then apply to any furniture you want to keep safe from your pup as dogs hate the flavour of bitter apple.

12. Cleaning Urine Stains

If your pet has accidentally messed the house, all you have to do is to pour some baking soda on the area and allow it to soak. Afterwards just vacuum over the area. (Ensure that pet is not around whilst doing this as baking soda can be toxic to some animals.)

13. Remove Hair From Upholstery

Vacuums wont always get the job done properly but you sure effectively can with this hack that includes dampening a rubber glove and rubbing your hand over the area you want to clean as the rubber will attract the hair.

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14. Removing Hair From Your Carpet

If your vacuum isn’t working so lovely with removing fur from your carpets, try using a squeegee instead.

15. Illuminating Pat Odours

Make your own odour eliminating spray by mixing together five tablespoons of baking powder with some water in a spray bottle and add a few drops of your favourite essential oil.  Afterwards you can spray it on carpets or furniture to remove any unwanted smells in a natural way.

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16. Removing Claw Marks From Funiture

An easy way to remove claw marks from furniture is to mix a 3/4 cup of oil with a 1/4 cup of vinegar, dip a rag in and wipe over the damaged area.

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17. Paddling Pool

A great way to keep your dog entertained on a hot day is to get a small paddling pool and fill it up with cold water for them. You can also throw in some of their favourite chew toys.

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18. Rabbit Chew Toy

As inquisitive animals rabbits will chew on cables and furniture in your house to keep themselves entertained but you can prevent this by making your own homemade chew toy from items as simple as a small cardboard box stuffed with hay.

19. Cat Playhouse

Looking for ways to keep your cat entertained, all you need is a cardboard box. You can also cut a few holes in it and even create ‘Kitty Castles’.

20. Downhill Fetch

To help your dogs burn more energy when you both go out to play, you should try playing fetch with them downhill as they will burn twice as much energy bringing the ball back up to you.

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