10 Surreal Places On Earth That Look Like Lands Of Another Planet

After you’ve taken a look at these following photos, I’m sure you’re going to question why astronauts spend years training to go and explore space when we have unearthly-looking locations like these on Earth. Thanks to minerals and the acts of nature, there are lots of places across the world that will definitely make you dizzy from having to try to believe that you are still on the green planet.

Check out these 10 photos of places on Earth that look like lands of another strange planet.


1. Grand Prismatic Spring (Wyoming, USA)

grand prismatic spring

grand prismatic spring 2

Said to be the largest hot spring in the US, the color of this body of water comes as a result of pigmented bacteria in the microbial mats that grow around the edges of the mineral-rich water.


2. Lake Retba (Senegal)

lake retba

Feeling for some strawberry milk? Sorry, you won’t get that by visiting this lake. Its pink waters is caused by Dunaliella salina algae.


3. Zhangye Danxia Landform (Gansu, China)

Zhangye Danxia Landform

The landforms of this location are made up of uplifted continental crust that has been faulted and eroded, exposing large scarps of layered rock, red in color. Beautiful, isn’t it?


4. Fly Geyser (Nevada, USA)

fly geyser

Unlike the other natural phenomenons, the Fly Geyser is not entirely natural as it was accidentally created by miners when they were exploring for sources of geothermal energy by well-mining. The rising and accumulating of dissolved minerals overtime is what created its beautiful appearance.


5. Gates To Hell (Derweze, Turkmenistan)

gates to hell

Here is one to put a twist to the thoughts you have about these surreal places looking somewhat heavenly. Otherwise called ‘Door to Hell’, this is a natural gas field which has been burning continuously since it was lit by Soviet petroleum engineers in 1971.


6. Jokulsarlon (Iceland)


This large glacial lake is considered as one of the natural wonders of Iceland.


7. Red Seabeach (Panjin, China)

red beach 2

red beach 1

This beach in China is famous for its landscape that features the red plant of Suaeda salsa. You however won’t find the area looking like this all year round as the Suaeda grass’ growth cycle starts in April when it is coloured deep red.


8. Glowing Beach (Vaadhoo, Maldives)

glowing beach

Yes, this beach actually glows. Thanks to tiny organisms called “ostracod crustaceans”, visitors of this Maldives island can watch their beach glow up like a sky full of stars at night.


9. Tianzi Mountains (China)

Tianzi Mountains


10. Monte Roraima (Venezuela)

Monte Roraima

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