10 Creative Pies That Are Almost Too Cool To Gobble Up

Yes, not all pies are equal. While some will turn out to be a horrible mess and look like miserable trainwrecks, others can be culinary masterpieces that are so cool that they cause us to reconsider their first purpose. Some of us may place creative cakes in the same categories as pies, but this shouldn’t be so as working with pies is much different from working with cakes because, by most standards, fondant and icing don’t cut it. You will need to use the pie’s pastry and filling to work your magic, which can be very difficult.

Whether your favourite pie is blueberry, apple or cinnamon, there is always room for creativity when you are baking your pie treat. Pie creation enthusiasts have successfully baked pie shaped like plants, animals, and even pies with messages. Using the dough on top that will become crispy when baked, they show off their imaginations with pie creations.

Check out these 10 pies that dare to make us feel stressed about having to decide whether we should satisfy our taste buds as our mouths run watery, or appeal to our sight by not eating it to have it to look on for as long as we desire.


1. Flower Pie

flower pie


2. Halloween Pie

halloween pie



3. Apple Rose Pie

apple rose pie


4. Pi Pie

pi pie


5. Chicken Pot Pie

chicken pot pie


6. Kraken Pie

kraken pie


7. Angry Pie

angry pie


8. Colorful Tree Pie

colorful tree pie


9. Spider Pie

spider pie


10. Medieval Pie

medivial pie


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