10 Cool LEGO Machines That Deserve An Award For Their Awesomeness

At first when the LEGO brand was established, it begun as a mere toy factory, producing simple sets of plastic bricks and parts to entertain children. Now, that has change to become very improved technologically, some LEGO kits are able to provide internet connectivity, powerful processors, Micro SD card slots, and Wi-Fi USB slots. Young minds are inspired by the kits to incorporate parts from several kits and creation of many unique machines using engineering skills.

Check out these 10 awesome LEGO machines that were created by LEGO enthusiasts and displayed on Youtube.


1. Plotter/ Printer

This machine is able to draw simple forms like rectangles and triangles using a pencil attached above.



2. 3D Printer

This cool machine is able to create different shapes from floral foam. 3D meshes are loaded to the milling machine via Autodesk Softimage. The foam is then processed by the drill (non-Lego part). The machine is able to create images of human faces as a final result after almost two and a half hours of processing.



4. Ford Shelby GT500 Scale Model

Created at scale 1:8, this model vehicle has lockable doors, four seats, and a plastic replica of the legendary V8 muscle engines when its hood is opened.



5. Beer Machine

This complete beer system features a bottle open up system, bottle conveyor system and bottle cooling system. You are able to order your beer via the beerREMOTEcontrol.



6. Mobile Robotic Arm

According to the video, the platform is able to scan and find cargo itself. An example is shown in the video.



7. Milling Machine

Like a more advanced version of the 3D printer mentioned above, this machine makes complicated shapes and sculptures.

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