10 Bizarre Babies Products That Call For Questioning

Being a parent is the biggest scam, and its not the raising of the kids that I’m talking about, its the fact that everyone knows that parents will do anything for their babies. There are some large companies that know this and have then came up with crazy products to get these parents to spend their money with them.

Check out these 10 crazy baby inventions that will have everyone, except parents, questioning the magnitude of their usefulness.


1. The Babykeeper

the babykeeper

Having trouble finding where to put your baby when you want to be using your hands otherwise? It’s simple, hang em’ up.


2. Baby Bangs

baby bangs

If you found that your baby is a diva before they are even able to walk, this baby wig will let them embrace that.


3. The Baby Mop

baby mop

Once your baby reaches the crawling age you can’t stop them from wanting to roll away on the floor. How about letting them do your cleaning for you while they’re at it with this mop romper outfit.


4. Pacifeeder


Who said you had to put in place time to feed your baby? Now you’ll never have to again, because they can feed themselves now! It’s twice the fun and mess free.


5. Baby Lasso

baby lasso

Caution: While using this lasso you should be hoping that nothing goes wrong.


6. Baby Bubadoo

baby bubadoo

This one is basically a straitjacket for your baby, keeping those hands away from grabbing things and making a mess while you change their diaper.


7. Baby Crib Dribbler

crib dribbler

Embrace the fact that your baby looks exactly like a hamster in their crib with this feeding system.


8. The Kickbee


This tummy wrap will automatically send out a tweet saying “I kicked mommy”every time it detects that your baby has made a kick in the womb.


9. Kaloo Blue Perfume

kaloo blue perfume

Pooping, peeing and puking, we all know these three P’s and we even know that they don’t smell good. Why not let the baby have their own perfume to help out with hiding these smells when you can bother to clean them up?


10. The Why Cry Analyser

baby cry analyser

This is a baby cry analyser, yes, it tells you why your baby might be crying.

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