Top 10 Amazing DIY Projects That Will Leave You in Awe

Do it yourself projects are the best way to spend your spare time. Here’s a list of top ten most innovative DIY projects that will reflect what a person can do once that person sets his mind on doing something.

10. An Alien Tank

10Known as ‘Steel legend’ online, a Chinese fan of famous Transformers was apparently inspired more than other fans when Megatron transformed into a tank to take revenge of the fallen. This fan has built, no we are not kidding, has built a replica of that transformation. Made of actual metal, the machine weighs about 5 tons.

9. Driving at home

9What started out as a purchase of a normal driving wheel for video games ended up after 7 months with a budget of $1,650 in the shape of an awesomely video game racing cockpit! The inventor, Matthew Boyer, takes his driving quite seriously whether he’s driving on road or busy in evading police while at his home!

8. Quad bike

8Mr. Tom Wilson used parts of bicycles, golf carts and go-cart to come up with his version of quad bike. The bike, almost the size of an SUV, is somewhat inspired by the size of Hummer! Anyhow, whether practical or not, it is still an interesting DIY project.

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