Top 10 Amazing DIY Projects That Will Leave You in Awe

4. Autobots, Let’s Roll out!

4At number four we have another Transformers DIY project. Made by students of the Hangzhou University, it’s another Transformers DIY in China. Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, and stands at a height of 35 ft at their exhibition park!


3. A UFO

3At number three we have another Chinese who came up with the idea of a hover UFO in 2011. The UFO was built using eight motorcycle engines powered wooden propellers


2. A Helicopter

2Wu Zhongyuan is a Chinese farmer, has built a ‘helicopter’ spending $1,600 and claims that it can reach up to a height of 2,600 ft. However, the guy has been forbidden by the government to try his invention out. The chopper is made of a motorcycle engine and wooden blades.

1. A Roller Coaster

1And finally at number 1, we have Jeremy Reid who has successfully managed to build a roller coaster in his parents’ backyard spending a time span of four years and an expenditure of $10,000. It can reach an astonishing speed of 18mph and is surprisingly quite safe.

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