MATLAB is Cool!

A Rap Written about MATLAB Instrumentals- Crank That: Soulja Boy Lyrics: MatLab is Cool Youuuuuuuuu! Yo I gots to talk to you about this software I use Youuuuuuuuuuuu! Its called MatLab and it goes like dis OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Teja Tej up in this code Matlab is so cool fo sho you can program graphs and mo now Matlab dat code That’s how we dooo! That’s how we dooo! That’s how we doooo! That’s how we dooo! Creating arrays is so much fun With MatLab I get it done Makin’ rows, ya need semi-colons Incrementing just use a colon Forget loops dey are donnne! Matrices are so funnn! That’s how its done! Only in 101! fprintf and save and load Script files be a ease to code Mathematics can get done That’s what MatLab is used for son. Place a dot before you times To avoid my matrix multiplying rhymes. YOUUUUUU MatLab has built in stuff Haters gettin mad cuz they think its rough OHHHHHHH Teja Tej up in this code Makin ‘rays and vectors yo, Matlab be cool you know Yo Matlab dat code That’s how its done! In 101! in 101! plot(x,y) is how you graph ‘help’ is there on your behalf Learning things is a breeze Matlab helps i gaurantees Throw yo loops in da trash vectorize them in a flash Use If-else,elseif if you prefer Cuz matlab is cool you heardd OHHHH Teja Tej up in dis code MatLab is so cool fo sho’ Make sure you use it in math and mo! That is how its done! In 101! Don’t be a foo’! Matlab is coo’! Peace.

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