Top 10 Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas

7. Lockitron

You are all set for your flight. Your baggage is cleared, you have been cleared from customs and now you just have to wait to board your flight. But there is an annoying feeling in your head that you’re forgetting something. Maybe it’s something you forgot to pack in with your luggage? Maybe it’s something else? Bam! You suddenly realize you forgot to do the most important task of all: lock your door.

Have no worries. In this age of uber-amazing gadgetry and technological advancement, you can now lock and unlock your doors just from your smartphone. The Lockitron is a device that comes with an app which you can use to remotely lock your doors on occasions such as the one mentioned earlier. Also, it allows for you to share access of your lock with your family and friends and you also receive a notification telling you when and if the door has been unlocked. And on top of all, when your phone gets near enough to the door, it unlocks automatically – perfect for the one-trip grocery you’re carrying which doesn’t allow fishing for keys to unlock. Security, with style. All in a package of $179.


6. The USB LED Beverage Cooler

A warm beer is poison. Truly. Even in the ice cold winter winds, there is nothing worse than a beer that is warm. Well, maybe frostbite or cyanide or…you get the picture. But it’s always refreshing to have a chilled coke or a beer within arm’s reach, especially since lately all we ever do is sit near a computer almost all the time and a walk to the refrigerator seems too much of an exercise. Problem solved! For $19.99, you can buy the USB-powered mini fridge that chills your drinks for you while you while away your time near your computer watching porn, or gaming, or any other thing that you like to do. Seriously, how cool is it to be able to grab your chilled beer while “going at it”!


5. Mutewatch

This might look like your average LED watch you can buy from almost anywhere. Only that it’s not. Flick your wrist and it shows you the time. Tap on the screen and it shows you the time. Swiping left and right takes you through the menus. It’s a freaking touch and motion sensitive LED wristwatch!

The watch is powered by a rechargeable battery that can be charged via a USB cable that is actually built into the strap. Seriously, if you gift this to a your nephew, you are guaranteed to be the best uncle in the world, a title worthy of the $259 you’ll have to spend on this.


4. Bluetooth Handset Gloves

If you’ve seen the remake of Total Recall, then you know that the only thing cool about the movie was the use of palms as cell phones, right? Or was it just me? Well, in any case, this cool gadget is sure to be an awesome gift for your friend and/or loved one.

This pair of gloves has a bluetooth handset built into the left glove and works for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry devices. It comes with a rechargeable battery that can be charged via a micro-USB cable. The conductive fiber adds to the warming effect of the gloves and also facilitates the use of your phone’s touch screen through the gloves. The price of these gloves is placed at $69.99.


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