Japanese Developers Create World’s First Virtual Pop Star Set To Tour The US In 2016

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If you’re one of those folks that believe that the future is not yet here, this should change your mind. 16-year-old pop star Hatsune Miku has huge blue eyes and turquoise pigtails that flow to her ankles, and I’m guessing that like me, you think this is a bit surreal. Well, that is because Hatsune Miku is unlike all the other pop stars – she is a hologram. For the first time the team behind the animated star will be touring the US next year.

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To be specific, Hatsune Miku (translates to ‘first sound from the future’), is a Vocaloid which is a software that was first created by Yamaha. The software takes samples of human voices and manipulates them to sound entirely different. Crypton, a Japanese music software developer, gave life to Hatsune Miku to attract more consumers to their second Vocaloid product by attaching a character. This proved to be successful as the virtual singer is now one of Japan’s most beloved pop stars.

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She has even been featured in Japanese Playboy and launched from a rocket twice. The Vocaloid software does not require professional use and can be used by fans to create their own Hatsune Miku songs and spinoffs.

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Hatsune is not only different from other pop starts because just being a hologram but also because of the amount of success she has gathered in a short period of time. On the first day of her public release, Hatsune Miku gained a massive fanbase and within a year the star has been featured in hundreds of fan-made Hatsune Miku songs, online fan art, and choreography software. Now, using a virtual reality headset, you can actually touch her.

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