10 Cats Whose Proudness For Being A Parent Doesn’t Go Unnoticed

At times, cats can seem to be cold and uncaring, but like the coldest person you know, cats too have a time when they are the total opposite of this. By no surprise, this time is when they give birth to adorable kittens. Yes, cats swell with pride and joy on becoming parents like humans.

Here are 10 photos of parent cats with their little kittens to prove this.


1. Proud Feline Parents

proud cat parents 1


2. New Mom & Dad Share A Kiss 

proud cat parents 2


3. Proud Parents Look At Their Cats Drink Milk

proud cat parents 3


4. Catopus

proud cat parents 4


5. Cuddle-Loving Cat Family

proud cat parents 5


6. Fluffy and Proud Mom

proud cat parents 6


7. Can You Spot The Momma?

proud cat parents 7


8. Looks Like Mommy Cat Was Running Out Of Ink

proud cat parents 8


9. Cat Family Portrait

proud cat parents 9


10. Like Mommy, Like Babies

proud cat parents 10

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