Top 10 Military Powers in the World

According to one source, there has been peace on our earth for only 300 years out of thousands. Conflicts on some scale have been going on, for almost, forever, whether it is on religious basis, ethnic issues or resources. Simply put, were there is man, there is bound to be war. Although wars have been avoided pretty effectively in the modern world, a country still cannot do without a military force. Today we take a look at the 10 most potent military powers in the world.

Now for the details…

No 10. Turkey

Annual Defense Budget $30,936,000,000
Military Personnel 514,000
Population reaching military age annually 1,298,979
Fighter Jets 1,530
Navy Ships 180
Purchasing power $853,900,000,000

No 9. Japan

Annual Defense Budget $44,300,000,000
Military Personnel 378,000
Population reaching military age annually 1,212,321
Fighter Jets 2,700
Navy Ships 150
Purchasing power $4,272,000,000,000
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