Youtuber Creates Real-Life Thor Hammer That Only He Can Lift

real-life thor hammer 4

Thor’s hammer, the Mjolnir, features an awesome anti-theft power that will allow only the worthy to have access to it. This awesome hammer with the anti-theft feature was recreated by a fan. Due to the fact that he doesn’t have access to the magic of the Norse gods, he opted to accomplish the feature using electromagnets that were salvaged from a microwave, and a thumbprint scanner. With the thumbprint scanner, anyone who does not have their print recorded but tries to lift the pseudo-Mjolnir will be unable to – that is as long as the hammer stays on a metal surface.

real-life thor hammer2

We will still need about 20 years of technological and nerd engineer evolution for the rest of features displayed by the Mjolnir in the movie, such as returning to the wielder’s arm and being able to stick to non-metal surfaces just the same, to be possible.

real-life thor hammer 1

Maker of the pseudo-Mjolnir, a Youtuber named “Sufficiently Advanced” (Allen Pan), shared the technology of his invention via a video on Youtube. The name of the channel, “Sufficiently Advanced”, is a reference to the third of British sci-fi writer Arthur C. Clarke who said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

real-life thor hammer 3

Check out the video of the real-life Thor hammer below.


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