MV-22 Osprey fit for a president. Well, for the president’s dog at least.

You are President of United States and you can choose absolutely any ride you want: so what would it be? A super fast car or a super fast jet? Anything you choose, you would definitely not be allowed to compromise personal security. So to enjoy both high speed in the skies and high security the all new Marine version of the V-22 Osprey might seem a fine choice. This beauty takes off like a helicopter and then the rotors roll around to fly like an airplane. The MV-22 has almost double the speed and triple the capacity than other helicopters.

So why will president Obama not be using MV-22 Ospreys anytime soon? Well there are instability reports of this airplane, which is why it is being tested over and over again. In the meantime it was used for other presidential duties – to shuttle the first family’s dog, Bo, to their weeklong vacation in Martha’s Vineyard.



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