Mind Boggling Optical Illusion That Freezes The Water


I am sure that when you are going to watch this video, you will be saying that its fake, but until we tell you how it is done you would be wrong about it. This mind boggling optical illusion makes you think twice as the water in it freezes, even reversed!


Now the magic behind this illusion is explained here. Sound waves are not just fun to hear or just used to acquire data from oceans and human body, these waves can do magic as well. For this illusion we have a subwoofer which is turned on. Now what actually happens is that the sound waves generated from subwoofer are set to a frequency of 24 Hz and at the same time, the camera which is recording the video is also functioning at 24 Hz so when you record the video it seems like if the water is frozen! When you turn the waves to 23 Hz, its seems as if water is going back to the top. Setting frequency to 25 Hz will make the water move downwards in slow motion (This part is not shown in video)

Do try this at home and tell us how it went. Stay tuned to RealityPOD

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