Would You Dare To Eat At Any Of These Top 10 Craziest Restaurants?

Whether you’re feeling upset, daring, nature-loving, or even wanting to go somewhere oceanic, there are lots of crazy restaurant that you can visit with your friends and loved ones. Check out the top 10 craziest restaurants that you can find around the World.


10. Yellow Treehouse Restaurant (New Zealand)

yellow treehouse restaurant

Designed to make diners feel like they’re back in their childhoods again, this restaurant is entirely made of wood and is situated around the stem of a tree.


9. Hajime Robot Restaurant (Thailand)

hajime restaurant

This is the perfect spot for techy fans as everything in this restaurant is controlled by robots.


8. Modern Toilet Restaurant (Taiwan)

modern toilet restaurant

Thought eating out of a toilet was just a crazy thought? All the dishes at this restaurant are served in mini toilets and the seats are toilets with their lids down. You also get to drink out of a urinal/ or bidet.


8. Hadaka Sushi (West Hollywood)

hadake sushi

At this restaurant, diners are given the choice to get to enjoy sushi off a man or woman. This tradition first started in Japan. The food is place on a banana leaf before being placed on the model’s body.


7. Guolizhuang Restaurant (Beijing)

Guolizhuang Restaurant

This famous restaurant specializes in something a little unconventional. Genital dishes. Some of the dishes are prepared from the genitals (penis and testicles) of several different animals including horse, ox, donkey, dog, deer, goat, sheep, and snake.


6. Devil Island Prison (China)

devil island prison

Once reserved as a prison, customers that come to this restaurant get their mugshots taken, are fingerprinted, and then taken away to their seats in handcuffs.


5. Fortezza Medicea (Italy)

fortezza medicea

Unlike the previous prison restaurant, this restaurant is actually a running prison and your waiters are the prisoners.


3. Ithaa Underwater Restaurant (Maldives)

ithaa underwater restauran

Let’s just say that at this restaurant, you get to eat fish with the fish.


2. Opaque Restaurant (Los Angeles)

opaque restaurant

Everything in this restaurant is in complete darkness. That means you cannot see what you’re getting and you cannot see who is around you or serving you. The waiters however wear a special night glasses so that they can see.


1. Dinner in the Sky (No set location)

dinner in the sky

Thought the other restaurants were crazy, well this one is crazy, crazy. You are lifted into the air 165 feet off the ground by a crane to dine in the clouds. You can catch this restaurant in big cities like Paris, Brussels, Dubai, and Niagara Falls.

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