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Worst Car Modifications

Blow off valve

This is another hackneyed mod still pulled out from the grave by some people. Blow off valve was a must for muscle cars of the 90s installing them on a modern day sedan can make the driver paranoid. This valve releases a burst of compressed air with every brake giving out a screeching noise. This sound might sound cool at the end of a drag race but hearing it a thousand times everyday while moving through the city traffic requires nerves of steel.


Race Clutches

Always remember race clutches are for race cars (Well Duh!). Nowadays increasing amount of drivers install race clutches in their sedans forgetting the above mentioned fact. The fact of the matter is that race clutches will never make your ride a race car rather it makes your clutch pedal a workout machine. Getting this add on often forces you to involve both your feet in order to budge the heavy plate. So if you got a city car don’t even think about getting a pair of these unless you want to build some serious leg muscle.


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