World War 2 Sniper Rifles

Springfield M1903 (Model 1903): America

The US Rifle .30 caliber, M1903 generally known as a the Springfield M1903, the story of Springfield M1903 began in the late nineteenth century, when US troops, occupied themselves in the Spanish American war found their bolt-action, .30 caliber Krags and .45 caliber single-shot Springfield “trap-doors” far inferior to the bolt-action Mausers, used by Mexican troops. It was soon revealed that more influential and rapid-sacking rifles are required. It was designed on the German’s Mauser rifles an agreement between the US Ordnance and Overseas Company. The few words said by the President Theodore Roosevelt about the Springfield M1903

“I must say I think the rod bayonet about as poor an invention as I ever saw. …”


Tokarev SVT-40: Soviet Union

The SVT-40 was a Soviet’s creation; a gas operated tilting locking bolt with a short stroke gas piston in 7.62x54R. The gas from the fired round is bled off at the adaptable gas block that is integral to the muzzle device also containing the front sight and brake, this component is separate from the barrel. The gas blows back the spring-loaded piston about half of an inch, which impacts the top of the bolt carrier.

When the bolt carrier begins its rearward movement, the bolt’s lug engages a slot on the carrier which raises the rear of the bolt and disengages it from the locking shoulder in the receiver. The bolt group continues its rearward movement, engaging the safety sear on the hammer, and the casing eventually makes contact with the ejector just forward of the safety sear and at the rear of the magazine well.


Walther Gewehr 43 (G43 / Gew 43): Germany

The Germans were long before interested in the invention of self loading rifles.  Their strategic policy centered on infantry squadron with MG.34 universal machine gun as primary source of firepower, supported by the riflemen with Kar.98K bolt-action rifles. In the year 1941, both the two companies submitted the self-loading rifles for testing and concern of German Army – Walther and Mauser. The Gew.43 / Kar.43 was gas maneuvered, semi-automatic weapon. The short stroke gas piston is located above the barrel. The bolt is locked by two flaps, which extend into the locking recesses in the receiver walls. It was the finest weapon as observed by the Germans during the World War II.



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