Winter Adventures! Make Some Fire With Ice

Making a trip or a tour for winter with friends or family? Ready for adventure and your scouting skills which you learned in your childhood! Lets add a tip for your scavenger inventory.

When so ever leaving for a adventure like ice climbing, winter camping or any thing you always get ready for your equipment before having the out door fun. But what if the situations go worst and your life experience leave some bad memories for that time, you should always be prepared for it!

So in a bad rough time when you need to fire up something to keep you warm and you don’t have any source to do it, with some little skill you can even make fire via ice. All you need is a sharp knife, warm hands, frozen lake and some dry leaves or wood and of-course a sunny day is necessary for it.

So now what you have to do is to find the clearest possible ice nearby. Break out a big piece of solid ice and then by using knife start shaping it in a disc form. Afterwards use the warmth of your hands to melt it and make it a smooth rounded lens. So the next step is to put it by adjusting the angle of the ice disk till the time rays of sunlight start shining through it. Its all like working with a magnifying glass which converges the light and fires up the paper you used to put in front of it in your childhood. Now focus the sub beam on ground where you have placed some combustible material. Wait for a minute or soo until it catches fire.

The following video shows the proper steps

Now the Question is what to do when its cloudy! or it can be a more reliable method as well. A thing call Insta-fire which is a gravel like substance made from volcanic rock, paraffin wax and some wood pellets catch up fire on burning the match stick, so it could be handy in such extreme situations or even you could have a out door camp meal with it. Insta-fire even burns on snow and ice, so its the perfect material for your outdoor activity.

Take a look at the video

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