How Will The Culture Evolve On Mars Colonies?

Mars colonies years after

Thus, think about Homo sapiens living permanently on Mars.

They spent years, and maybe ages there. Obviously, evolution requires some serious time periods.

And even one hundred years would be not enough to start the development process.

Or will humans evolve on Mars faster? It is an interesting question to answer.

But what experts think about this interesting case?

Well, most of them believe that colonization can change the living space conditions.

The main question is just about how they will change and in what period.

However, their evolution is a fact due to low gravitation, hard radiation,

weak sunlight, and a bunch of other obvious and not obvious factors.


pic 2

Would it be those humans we know just with different features like a race or nationality or will humans evolve into completely new species? We just don’t know. But we must say that at least one person in science believes humans will evolve into different species and should have a different name.

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