How Will The Culture Evolve On Mars Colonies?

How did those scientists come up with such conclusions?

Well, their logic is clear. If we look at those animals that were isolated from other species on islands,

we can make a clear analysis that isolated human will also absorb some new features through the years of departure. After years of such isolation, a human can turn into a new group of species due to various factors.

Cultural changes

And while scientists think more of external and physical changes of Mars colonists,

we are interested in their cultural differences. It is clear that those people might change their bones to thicker,

their skin color will be like no other on Earth race has,

their mental and voice changes are also obvious. But what is about culture?

It goes without saying that culture is a part of humanity and always follows its side.

The conclusion is that culture on Mars colonies will also exist, and it will differ from that we have on Earth.


pic 3

What will it be like? It is impossible to tell. There are too many factors that influence on cultural life and evolution. But we may all agree that colonists will have their own view on life and culture. And also it is possible those people on Mars will drift away from us on extreme.

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