How Will The Culture Evolve On Mars Colonies?

It is clear that Martians will have their own music, literature, architecture, and all other kinds of art we have today. Also, it is possible they to have their multimedia sources and broadcast.

As the Mars Society may get completely isolated from earthlings, we also may suggest their law order,

science, and even religion will be different.

Well, in case of that complete isolation the evolution process may go far beyond our expectations.

And what can cause that isolation and lack of contact between Mars and Earth?

Well, due to our history we may suggest that people from Mars may rebel against earthlings, for example,

because of infringement of their rights. In this case, the cultural life will get an extra push for developing into something completely else.

We know from history that people always seek for differences between each other.

Different races, countries, and continents play a significant influential role in relationships between humans.

And we can just imagine what differences can lead to any relationships between humans on different planets with an impressive light years’ distance..


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