What Do Americans Believe Tech Will Look Like In 2064? Here’s What They Said


Technology continues to improve on a daily basis. The rapid improvement in all areas from medicine to communication has seen many investors clamor to purchase shares in the “next” big thing. So, how far can technology really go?

A survey conducted by Pew Research asked 1,001 American adults via the phone their opinions on future technology.

Approximately 50% of the adults interviewed believe that by the year 2064 robots will be able to create art that is an exact replica of the original piece made by a human. Jonas Lund (an artist) is already using a computer algorithm to conjure up ideas for his art work.


The study also found that nearly 50% of the American population might be ready for driver less cars. Forty-eight percent said they would like to ride in one while the rest insisted they were not ready to take that leap of faith. This technology might be closer than many people think. Google is already working via its Google X Department on driver less prototypes.


While some of us are alright with driver less cars, many Americans had reservations regarding robots taking care of the elderly. Many believe that should robots become care-takers for the elderly, this could be start of a disastrous turn of events. There were also several rejections to the idea of having robot servants.


According to  the survey conducted by Pew Research sixty-three percent of the American population believe it would be a bad idea if  “personal and commercial drones were given permission to fly through most U.S. Airspace”.  Unfortunately for those persons whom are uncomfortable with the idea of drones, Tech giants such as Google and Facebook now own drone making companies.


While opinions are divided as to which technology may have positive impact in the future, fifty-nine percent of Americans are optimistic that it will improve our way of life in the future. In 1964, author and scientist Isaac Asimov predicted that by 2014 technology would allow people to live in a “society of enforced leisure” and “the most glorious single word in the vocabulary would have become work!”, that day is yet to arrive.

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