Wearable Called ‘Joule’ Brings You Caffeine Without The Stomach Pains & Stained Teeth

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Life without drinking coffee has become so unimaginable for some of us in our daily lives. This may sound funny considering there are harsh effects caused by frequent consumption of coffee including stained teeth and stomach pains, and these become constant for those who cannot live without a good cup of coffee. What do you think about having your daily dose of caffeine without having to solve this problem by quitting drinking coffee?

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Well, that sort of thing comes in the form of a wearable gadget. You can have caffeine released directly into your blood stream, ridding the need to drink it, with the world’s first wearable caffeinated bracelet. The basic version of the Joule, which comes in black, blue or pink also comes as a watch so that you never forget coffee break. In a campaign that went successful on Indiegogo, the makers have managed to earn four times their initial $15,000 goal.

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It is claimed that the same amount of caffeine provided in a cup of coffee is offered by the Joule. The difference between the Joule and a cup of coffee is that it slowly administers the caffeine over a period of four hours. This therefore maintains your energy longer without causing side effects such as energy spikes and crashes. People such as athletes who experience the stomach pain as a side effect of drinking coffee, will find this invention very useful when they want to boost their performance. You can secure a Joule wearable for $29 by visiting their Indiegogo campaign page.

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