Great new iPhone app: Turbo Tax TaxCaster

There seems to be an iphone app for nearly every thing these days. There’s even an app for the Roman Catholic Church that you can use to confess your sins. A more secular and practical app is currently offered by Turbo Tax. The new program is called TaxCaster and you can use it to help get a ball park estimate of the amount you’re going to get in your tax returns.

Turbo Tax is rated as America’s number one tax software. It is used and trusted by millions around the country. Their new program is simple and easy to use. All you have to do is input your info, such as your income and any deductions you have, and the program will calculate your refund in no time at all. You can use TaxCaster year round to anticipate possible changes to your tax status such as having a child, purchasing a new home, or getting a new job.

TaxCaster will not, however, do your taxes for you. You will still need to file them by April 15. Also, the program does have a few limitations. It does not cover dependents and it won’t transfer your data to Turbo Tax. In fact, it doesn’t keep or store your data at all and is designed merely to give you a rough tax forecast.
The deadline for filing your taxes is coming faster than anyone wants it to and you can never be too prepared. This handy app will be indispensable to fiscally minded people all over.

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