Top Ten Military Tanks

No. 3: Tiger (Ger)

Tiger was first produced in 1942 powered with Maybach engine which gave it a top speed of 23 mph along with a range of 121 miles and a weight-to-power ratio of 12.3 horsepower per ton. Tiger had an armor thickness of 100 millimeters and the primary armament used was a 88-mm gun.

It scored maximum marks for firepower as the 88-mm gun was considered as a real monster at that time and its armor was quite reliable as well. Even though it was on the heavy side but it had a reasonable speed as well. The only set-back for the Tiger was its mass production as it was produced in very low number. But even its Name gets the fear factor scale off the charts, taking it up-to the top 3.


No. 2: M-1 Abrams (US)

M-1 Abrams was first produced in 1983 with a top speed of 42mph and a range of 289 miles. It was powered by the Textron AGT1500 gas turbine engine that gave it a power –to-weight ratio of 26.64 horsepower per ton. The its armor thickness till date is kept classified and the primary armament used was a 120-mm M256 gun.

What truly got M-1 the second spot is its firepower and the armor, it still is considered as the match for any tank of modern world. The few setbacks that M-1 suffered are its mobility, i.e. use of gas engine and the production rate. Given the fact M-1 Abrams was a complexly engineered military vehicle; it was never produced on a large scale. It was expensive, difficult to engineer and the deadliest tank.


No. 1: T-34 (USSR) (US)

It was first produced in 1940, with a top speed of 34mph and a range of 268 miles. T-34 was powered with a four stroke 12-cylinder diesel engine, giving it a power-to-weight ratio of 15.78 horsepower per ton. The armor thickness was kept 65 millimeters and the primary armament used was a 76.2-mm gun.

T-34 was engineered in a near perfection. It had mobility, great firepower and defensive protection as well. Till date T-34 is one of the easiest tanks to be ever manufactured, along with its all plus points, T-34 with a doubt is the number 1 tank among all its competitors.


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