Top Ten Modern Inventions of 21st Century

#7 Free Energy

The acquisition of energy from non polluting substances had been Holy Grail for Science. The Energy today is being produced from different sources for example; tides, geothermal, sea waves, wind, nuclear, solar and many other sources. However nuclear energy is most cheap yet we are still unable to control the nuclear reactions. Energy is being produced from fission reactions but whence we will find ways to control fusion reaction we will be having humongous amount of energy supply. Another cheapest way of obtaining energy is from the sea waves, researchers are working on this project diligently to obtain this source of energy sooner or later we’ll be enjoying electricity supply with a very less amount of money.

Nuclear Power plant
Three Gorges Dam


#6 Artificial Intelligence

The definition says according to John McCarthy “It is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. It is related to the similar task of using computers to understand human intelligence, but AI does not have to confine itself to methods that are biologically observable.” It’s one of the technologies in its kind promising to provide maximum output. The Technology makes robots and different machines to think and understands human intelligence making them smarter than computers. Different authors and researchers explain that the technology is mere a risk and can prove harmful to the human race and current environment, still many scientist and researchers believe it is as a part of criticism to their work. They are working diligently to make this technology alive and change the future story of the world.



#5 Nanotechnology

Much like other fictions depicted in Hollywood movies. Nanotechnology is one of its kinds. You must have watched movies in which microscopically small organisms destroy cities within a matter of few minutes. The idea of Nanotechnology came from there. The purpose of making things smaller and smaller is getting wider and wider day by day, computers have been reduced from a size of room to pocket size cell phones, different electrical applications used in our daily life have been reduced in size and struggle to achieve success in this field are on.

Electronic chip (nano project)
Nano Fly


#4 Human Cloning

Human Cloning is an extremely a controversial issue. It means to genetically produce identical copy of Human beings. First Attempt was made by Dr. Panayiotis Zavos, an American fertility doctor, efforts proved a mere failure. He experimented to generate an embryo in 35 years of old woman later it was found that woman was never pregnant. With the gradual improvements in the cloning technique, efforts to generate mouse, cattle, goat, pig, deer, rabbit, cat, mule, and horse clones proved successful. The successful experiments were extreme rare cases, for every 100 experiments only one or two proved successful.  The following experiments were done on the humans as well none of them proved successful; in every experiment vital organs remained immature required to support healthy growth of normal baby.

Human Clonning
Human Cloning


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