Top Facebook Desktop Applications for Windows

Facebook Icons via Neonbrand at Unsplash

With about 2.85 billion active monthly members, Facebook is one of the largest and most active social networks out there. There are some desktop applications available with which users can manage their Facebook messages, notifications, and updates right from their desktop without browsing the website of Facebook. Some of these Facebook desktop applications for windows are described below.

Facebook Desktop: It is a small program for Windows that provides the users with their updates right on their desktop. It does not need to refresh the profile again and again.

OneLaunch: Features desktop customization and the ability to have Facebook front and center at all times. See our review of OneLaunch here.

Bloom: This is a desktop application that allows the users to upload and tag photos and videos to their Facebook profiles and view photos of friends.

FBQuick: This application is also meant to provide quick access to Facebook updates from the desktop without opening the Facebook website.

FB Photo Uploader: It allows the users to tag and upload photos to their profiles on Facebook.

FB Tray Notify: It is a tiny application for windows. On installation, its icon appears on the taskbar and notify whenever there is a new update on Facebook.

FBLook: This application integrates Facebook and outlook.



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