Top 10 World Record Attempt Fails

7. Coconut Breaking

The Record attempt was to break a chain of coconuts with your exposed hands the candidate was supposed to prove his ability to fracture some skulls if you need to =P This guy determined it was vital to show to his family and friends that his important handling of fruits was leading up to a far greater principle. He placed all the coconuts in a row in an open space and invited all sorts of media to catch his intentions and to prove to the World he is greatest coconut smasher of all time. Unluckily, he failed. With the hairy, spherical balls of dirty milk flying all over the place, this poor chap doesn’t seem to break one coconut, but instead he seems to break his wrist and lose the respect of many fruit enthusiasts.

6. Bubble World Record


The record attempt was to break record for largest bubble with most people inside, proving your weird fascination for making large bubbles with small children inside them. The candidate unluckily failed to do so, the guy desperately wanted to break this record and also had everything in place. The apparatus, the children, the bubble. All he wanted was some media and press from an American news complex, with a good anchor, incapable of ruining anything. As an alternative, they got local news journalist David Nazar, who scarf the attention by defilement the machine and thus, the record, then beating the record for most apologies in shortest time period. He had formerly gained interest after ruining an ice sculpture live on air. Though he has hastened everyone’s dreams of breaking the record, you can’t help but experience everyone slightly over reacted.

5. Snapple Pop and the Sticky Streets

The Record attempt was to make the world’s largest Ice Pop, disproving Al Gore’s theories of Global Warming. The attempt failed and ended up in a sticky mess. The New York Post stated that the sticky kiwi strawberry overflow even caused more than a few bicyclists to wipe out. “I can’t believe this, it’s so dangerous,” said cyclist Dave Currente, who took a spiteful fall. The Fire Department rushed to East 17th Street between Broadway and Union Square East to wash down the super slick road threat.

4. Biggest Domino Topple

The attempt was to line up more than 4 million dominoes to drop in sequence, proving you have 3,999,972 too many dominoes. Since if one thinks of it, seems way too funny and stupid. Wasting a huge bulk of time setting up small dominoes and then flooding your ones hardship in a mere second or few =P Yet this project was stunning and crazy. The group behind it set up their attempt in a Dutch Convention Center, when an arrogant sparrow flew in taking out 23,000 of the dominoes. The amount is very meager not more than 1% of total though the domineero’s were quick to avenge their fallen dominoes, by shooting the sparrow. After recovering the site of kill they realized the sparrow was of rare type and animal activists were quick to assemble making tribute sites for the bird and attempting to boycott any further attempt by the armed domineero’s to break said record.

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