Top 10 World Record Attempt Fails

3. Paper Plane Flight Record

The record attempt was to levitate the paper plane in the air for more than 27.6 seconds to beat the previous world record. A British attempted to break the world paper plane flying record has, factually, strike a wall. The British team’s most excellent player touched down just 6.8 seconds after its start by students at Leeds University – more than 20 seconds short of the 27.6 second world record set in Atlanta in 1998. But it still strike the plane judged to have the finest plan during the competition in the University’s Grand Hall. Student John Henderson, who worked on the winning team, said “He found that simplest designs were best.” Currently the title is held by Japanese.


2. Most Bra Chains Linked Together

What can I say about this record attempt, the world is totally crazy and mad =P well coming back to the record attempt, the attempt was to make the world’s largest bra chain link, making all men nervous about their aptitude to untie them with their eyes closed. The previous Australian record was 166,000 bra links. So everything was set and things were established and recognized. Unfortunately they had all got tangled up and time restraints meant they simply did not have enough time and had to call the whole event off. Still the responsible people are determined and want to make another attempt to complete their hundred mile bra chain.

1. Biggest Book Signing Event

The Attempt was to break the world record of chief turn out for a book signing event. The preceding book signing record was set by former Chess champ, Anatoly Karpov who drew in an inspiring 1,951 people in 2006. Though Price did not proclaim how many people did turn up, she was actually still pleased with the produce.


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