Top 10 Prison Hacks

Being locked up doesn’t mean that a person is of no use at all, in fact some of the inventions confiscated from the prisons are really creative. Anyway, with all the spare time in the world, inmates have to do something to pass the time and that is when things get interesting. Today, we present some of the most amazing prison gadgets ever found.

No 10. Smoking pipe

This smoking pipe made from an empty horseradish tub looks completely innocent when rolled up. After getting hold of weed, prisoners need some pipe to smoke, they used pretty much every material available but this one is really unique.

No 9. Candles

Candles can be used to set fire, so automatically they aren’t allowed in prison. But to cater for their late-night activities prisoners have come up with crude candles made out of empty yogurt or applesauce containers, baby oil and threads.

No 8. Board games

Obviously it’s easy to get bored in prison, so some inmates came up with a nice idea to play some boards games for which they used paper mache, which in prison consists of toilet paper, water and glue. The dices and chessboard above are in fact pretty well made.

No 7. Paper sculptures

A prisoner used wrappers from chips, candy and gum, folding them into thin strips and then weaving them together to create sculptures and other beautiful items. You have to do something to pass those long hours in prison, don’t you?

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