Top 10 Prison Hacks

No 6. Table

This nice looking table made from ramen noodle packages and masking tape, is perfect for playing dice on or enjoying your snack on.

No 5. Lighter

When an inmate needs to light a homemade candle or hard-earned cigarette, obviously he can’t just pull a lighter out of his pocket because, well, those aren’t allowed in prison. The assembly pictured above is result of an intelligent idea by one inmate which requires you to just connect the free end of the wire with the naked terminal of the battery. Doing this will heat up the exposed part of the wire in the middle; great for a little spark.

No 4. Chocolate as weapon

Prisoners melt down candy bars on hot plates and then throw the molten mess into the face of their target. Rapid cooling of chocolate makes it very difficult to take off after it severely burns off the skin owing to its high specific heat.

No 3. Killing blade

This intelligently hidden blade was made by an inmate in the prison workshop in a German prison. Generally, prisoners use materials such as chicken bones, sharpened toothbrush handles, and melted and hardened trash bags or Styrofoam cups for their weapons but this one was really worked on.

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