Top 10 Nuclear Power Plants

3. Yonggwang Atomic Energy Plant 6,137 MWh: South Korea

The Yonggwang Atomic Energy Plant has six colossal pressurized water reactors on this site, with power outputs ranging from 947 to 997 MWe, Yeonggwang is noticed as the third largest nuclear backdrop in the world, in spite of at least two other sites in South Korea that have their own reactors capable of producing higher output. The site also possesses threat in case of natural calamities since, it is one of the power plants with the largest human population nearby, Yeonggwang is residence to some 70,000 individuals.

No.2 Kashiwazaki and Kariwa Power Plant, 7,965 MWe: Japan

The 4.2km square site is situated in the Niigata region city of Kashiwazaki and the town of Kariwa, roughly 135 miles North West of Tokyo, on the shoreline of the Sea of Japan. Kashiwazaki-Kariwa is also the world’s fourth largest electric-generating station behind three hydroelectric plants; Itaipu on the Brazil Paraguay border, Three Gorges Dam in China and Guri Dam in Venezuela. Similar to all other nuclear power plants in Japan, Kashiwazaki Kariwa was built to severe earthquake confrontation principles. However, in the year 2007 earthquake caused the plant to dribble radioactive substances into the air and water. The plant, which has been in service since 1985, was stopped up until safety checks following the earthquake were completed. The plant was reopened in May 2009.


No. 1 Fukushima I and II, 8,814 MWe

All reactors in the Fukushima II Nuclear Power Plant are BWR-5 type with electric power of 1,100 MW each (net output: 1,067 MW each). The reactors for units 1 and 3 were supplied by Toshiba and for units 2 and 4 by Hitachi. Units 1–3 were built by Kajima while the unit 4 was built by Shimizu and Takenaka. The plan source accident for an earthquake was between 0.42 g and 0.52 g and for a tsunami was 5.2 m. Since Fukushima I also known as Fukushima Daiichi and Fukushima II are just seven miles apart, they comprise a lone hot spot, according to our criteria, and that’s altogether appropriate since Fukushima I is the site of the reactors at the hub of the current nuclear disaster in Japan.






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