Top 10 Mercedes models

No 4. 2010 E63 AMG

Production run Started in 2010
Class Executive car
Price range $56,200 – $87,600

Powered by the AMG-tuned 6.2 liter, 517-horsepower engine, the E63 is perhaps the most perfect “all-purpose” sedan in the world. The E63 will come in two versions: Saloon and Estate.


No 3. 1954 300 SL Gullwing

Production run 1954-1963
Class Sports car
Price range $538,000 – $735,000

Believed to be the world’s first supercar, only 1,400 units of the Gullwing were made. The 300 SL was also the first-ever gasoline-powered car equipped with fuel injection directly into the combustion chamber.


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