Top 10 Mercedes models

No 2. 1970 C111

Production run 1960s-1970s
Class Experimental automobile
Price range Never meant for sale

Mercedes built the C111 when the company was experimenting with new engine technologies, including Wankel engines, Diesel engines, and turbochargers. The C111 infact, broke nine diesel and gas speed records as it set an average lap-speed record of 403.78 km/h, and that too in 1979!


No 1. 1955 300 SLR Racer

Production run 1983–1993
Class Compact executive car
Price range Around $50,000 today

A sports racing car, the 300 SLR was the first race car to use air brakes and is the number one car from the German automobile manufacturer in terms of innovation and design.


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