iCloud Sync Among Devices using same Apple ID

iCloud makes it to have one Apple ID pushing the installed apps onto every other device that is using the same Apple ID. In case the user installs the app on one of his or her iOS 5 device, it would automatically be pushed onto the other devices that may be on the same Apple ID. The procedure to it involves, selecting “Settings” and then scroll down to “store”. On apps flip the option On and then shift to your desktop of computer.

Start iTunes on your desktop computer and from the list of available app’s, choose one most desired and then start installing it. The most amazing feature that iOS 5 brings is that the hand held device whether it be an iPod or an iPhone, they would not require any sort of physical medium to connect them with the computer or laptop. The application that would be downloaded on the desktop machine would automatically be downloaded onto the handheld device at the same time. This feature was not available in its predecessor versions and thus gives iOS 5 a bit of an edge above them. Users who wish to download and use free apps would be able to download apps on their desktop or handheld and still be able to use it on other devices using the exact same Apple ID

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