Top 10 Manhunts

No. 7 The Zodiac Killer

The self-named Zodiac who intimidated Northern California in the late 1960s and early ’70s has never been trapped, in spite of widespread investigation and exploration by police and the press. The anonymous murderer claimed accountability for 37 murders in acerbic letters to newspapers, though only seven were confirmed as his work. Zodiac’s letters were conglomerate of four cryptograms, of which only one has been interpreted. A single person was subjected as a suspect who was called Arthur Leigh Allen. He was ever served with a search warrant, but police found no convincing proof. These Zodiac signs stopped appearing in the late 70’s and the suspect died in the year 1992. The case is now a day’s inactive.

No. 6 Radovan Karadzic

The previous Bosnian Serb elected official on tryout in The Hague for war crimes dodged imprison from 1996 to 2008. He was charged of causing the deaths of 8,000 refugees and the racial sanitization of 30,000 others in the year 1995 Srebrenica carnage, the major massacre in Europe since World War II. When indicted for genocide, Karadzic went on the lam and became a hero amongst the Bosnian Serb people, who helped him escape capture multiple times during his decade on the run.

No. 5 Adolf Eichmann

The “architect of the Holocaust” fled Germany at the end of World War II, slipping through U.S. fingers into Argentina, where he worked in obscurity as a foreman at a Mercedes-Benz factory in Buenos Aires. Nazi hunters made it their business to track down the man who had transported 6 million Jews to their deaths, but it was a blind, half-Jewish refugee from Dachau who finally found him. The daughter of Holocaust survivor Lothar Hermann got to know Eichmann’s eldest son, and Hermann soon worked out who his father was and told the German authorities all he knew. The Germans passed on the news to Israeli intelligence service Mossad, and over the course of a year, its agents tracked down Eichmann and confirmed his identity. On May 11, 1960, Eichmann was coshed, drugged to the gills and snuck into Israel disguised as a particularly sluggish El Al airline steward. The Nazi logistics expert was found guilty in a widely televised trial and was hanged on May 31, 1962. His remains the only civil execution ever carried out in Israel.

No. 4 John Wilkes Booth

John Wilkes Booth was the killer of American President Abraham Lincoln.   He was pursued with great fury of an offended nation. After the April 14, 1865, assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Booth left Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C., through the stage door — suitable for an actor — and then fled south on horseback through Maryland, supported by co-conspirators along the road.

Troops inundated the state’s swamps in hunt of Booth, who clandestinely crossed the Potomac into Virginia on April 21, the same day the funeral train bearing Lincoln’s body left Washington for its westward march. Thanks to intelligence tip-offs and the confessions of accomplices, Finally Booth was found to the Virginia farm of Richard H. Garrett, and on April 26 he was shot and killed by Union soldiers who had set the barn he was in on fire. Booth died on the farmhouse porch, defending his actions to the last.

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