Top 10 foods For Changing Your Mood To Good

7. Grain bread


If you want your glucose, mood and energy levels to regulate normally, then low GI carbs is ultimately the best thing for you. Use grain bread and maintain a balanced energy and glucose level.


6. Red meat

Red meat

Health conscious women of age 24-35 should adopt this food as eating a small amount of red meat 3, 4 times a week will let them meet all their iron needs. Balanced amount of iron in body keeps you energetic and relaxed. Deficiency of iron may lead to fatigue, which is commonly found in women aged 24 to 35.


5. Green tea

Green tea

Making green tea a part of daily routine keeps glucose level optimum. People feel relaxed and fresh after drinking it because it is a vital source to regulate the blood glucose levels of the human body. Taking green tea after lunch minimizes the sugar cravings.


4. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate

Chocolate changes the mood of people belonging to any age group. Similarly, dark chocolate not only revives your mood but also acts as an antioxidant. The presence of cocoa in dark chocolate keeps blood vessels healthy and do not let the blood sugar level to crash.


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