Top 10 False Science Facts That We Think Are True

6.  If you touch a baby bird, their mothers will completely abandon them.


Mother Birds

Actual Truth:  Their mothers do not abandon them until they are ready to fly off and be on their own.   Even though it may seem as if they are not there with their babies, it is only because they are giving them the space they need to become more self-sustaining.


5.  Different areas of your tongue can detect different tastes.


Actual Truth: There are not any specific taste zones on your tongue; you can sense different tastes all over your entire tongue.


4.  Before Columbus’ discoveries, everyone thought that the world was flat.

Flat World

Actual Truth: This truth had already been known for hundreds of years prior to that, dating back to the logic-laden and learned ages of the Greeks and Romans.  They knew that the globe was round from observing the ships sailing over the horizon and the crescent shadow that the Earth would cast onto the moon.


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